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Testimonials of those that have worked with Patricia Alley Coaching

In my book she is an “expert” in these areas

“We worked with Patricia Alley for the past year, with a goal to stand up our very first business, Bliss Energy Alchemy, LLC! There have been many benefits to working with Patricia to start and build our practice; We would like to point out three. First, Patricia has taught us a tremendous amount about networking and marketing our practice. In my book she is an “expert” in these areas; not only does she continually educate herself about current trends and strategies, she has a unique ability to apply such information to the specifics of our business in the moment and to communicate them to us in an understandable way that we could immediately apply to our business. Secondly, Patricia is a very good guide in goal setting and accountability, including creating strategic plans to achieve such goals, and measuring progress. Thirdly, Patricia provided crucial guidance for us on the business side of our practice; she guided us in understanding the metrics that informed us if our practice was reaching the financial and administrative goals that we set for ourselves, and what adjustments and changes we might want to make to attain future business and financial goals. Maybe most importantly, the result of our work with Patricia is that we have grown in confidence and we are enjoying it, and it is growing in the ways that we have always wanted. With Patricia’s talent and kind heart, she has never steered us wrong. Thank you, Patricia for all your support!” - Krista and Jay of Bliss Energy Alchemy

I'm so glad I've worked with Patricia!

“I'm so glad I've worked with Patricia! She is one of the best that I've ever worked with. Her style is a different from what I've done before; instead of listening to my problems and telling me what to do, she asks me questions to help me figure out solutions, and the answers is that I come up with are my own. Her technique makes me feel empowered, like I can do anything. Because of her coaching, I'm now saving money, eating healthier, and working out more. I'd recommend her to anyone!” -Joy Thompson

Patricia Alley is an exceptional coach!

“Patricia Alley is an exceptional coach! She patiently listens and offers solid and thoughtful advice to point her clients in the right direction. Never having worked with a coach before, I wasn't sure what to anticipate- Patricia has influenced me well above and beyond my wildest expectations to shape my life into something more balanced and in line with what I really want. She confidently raises the bar on your perception of your own potential and gracefully pushes you towards accomplishing your goals. She is smart, driven, and compassionate. I would highly recommend working with Patricia!” -Taylor Fraser